Glide Fire is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.  Our command structure includes a Fire Chief, a part-time paid Assistant Chief in charge of training, and numerous volunteer Firefighters and Emergency Medical Technician’s (EMT’s).  We also have a volunteer Fire Association, which provides support and other services to the Firefighters and EMT’s.

More community members of all ages are needed to meet the emergency needs of Glide's citizens! 

No prior experience required.  We provide all the training! 


The command staff of officers at Glide Fire are primarily volunteers, although the Assistant Chief position in charge of training is part time paid staff.  The administrative staff, key to keeping the fire district in operation, are also paid staff that are responsible for the day-to-day management of the fire district.


  • Ted Damewood - Fire Chief
  • Andy Hatfield - Assistant Chief (Training Officer)
  • Carol Henry - Battalion Chief
  • Tom Halley - Battalion Chief
  • Ken Werner - EMS Captain
  • Cleat Roberts Jr -  Lieutenant
  • Dylan Hokanson - Lieutenant
  • Beth Werner - Business Manager
  • Kellie Hopkins– Bookkeeper


All of Glide's Firefighters, EMRs, and EMTs are tireless volunteers who love their community and give back by serving the fire district.  Including the command staff, the fire district currently has 18 active volunteers.  All volunteers are trained to state and federal standards. 

Volunteers are required to attend training drills each Monday night from 6:30 to 8:30 pm.  Volunteers training to become Firefighters must attend one of the fire schools sponsored by Glide Fire or another agency in order to be certified as a Firefighter I.  EMRs (emergency medical responders) attend in-house training and must pass written and practical exams.  EMTs (emergency medical technicians) must attend classes put on by Umpqua Community College, and must pass the state and national exams for their certification level.  The fire district has a Medical Director, a state licensed physician in Douglas County who oversees the department’s medical training and decides what protocols are within the EMRs and EMTs scope of practice. 

The fire district is also fortunate to have an Explorer program.  The Explorers are high school students age 16-18 who are interested in the fire service as a profession.  These students train alongside the volunteer firefighters and EMTs, plus train one additional time per month.  Explorers help out on fire scenes by retrieving hand tools, ladders, hoses, nozzles and other gear needed by the volunteers.  While Explorers are not allowed to actually fight the fire (because of the age requirement that certified firefighters must be 18 year of age), they gain valuable experience that helps prepare them to become firefighters or EMT’s when they turn 18 and graduate from high school.

  • Training Officer/Firefighter/Paramedic - Part-time Paid - 1
  • Firefighter/EMTs - 6
  • Firefighter/EMRs - 3
  • Tender Driver/EMT - 2
  • Tender Driver/EMR - 1
  • EMTs - 4
  • Adult EMRs - 2

We also have 2 new volunteers receiving Firefighting training, and 2 high-school Explorers.



The volunteer Board of Directors governs the operation of the fire department.  The Fire Department is considered a “Special District” and as such, elects board members from the citizens that live within the fire districts boundaries. Elections are held through the general elections within the County, and terms are 4 years long.

The volunteer board acts in the best interest of the public that is served by the fire district, and is accountable through federal, state, and local laws.

Our Current Board of Directors are:

Keith Cyphert - Board President

John Livingston - Board Vice-President

Christy Scheufele- Board Secretary

Don Kidd - Board Member

Stan Spencer - Board Member



The Glide Fire Association is a group of volunteers who support the fire district outside of the emergency arena.  The Association conducts fund raisers for the fire district, which helps supply special needs of the District.  Each year the Association takes charge of the annual Arts and Crafts Show/Firefighter Barbecue, which is the major fundraiser of the year.  The Association also funds a scholarship given to a graduating senior interested in the fire, medical, or law enforcement profession.  Currently fourteen members strong, the Association gives tirelessly to the Fire District and the volunteer firefighters and EMRs/EMTs.

The Current Association Officers are:

Janet Walter – President

Janie Dumont – Vice President

Elaine Jensen - Secretary

Marty Sthen - Treasurer