Glide Fire Honors Volunteers of the Year for 2018

For a volunteer fire department such as the Glide Rural Fire Protection District, volunteers are vital. That’s why every year, Glide Fire honors a volunteer for outstanding service and dedication. For 2018, two volunteers were chosen: David Reda and Corin Kelly.

David Reda: Firefighter

In 2018, Dave was an active member of Glide Fire, answering many emergency calls and using his expertise in driving heavy equipment to help the department. Dave also helps with jobs around the station, such as painting, cleaning equipment, and inventorying the ambulances. “Dave’s positive attitude and willingness to work hard are great assets to us. We know we can rely on him to be there and get the job done,” says Fire Chief Ted Damewood.

Dave became a firefighter because he wanted to help the community. He’s originally from Anaheim, California, where he graduated from Katella High School. Dave has worked as a bakery janitor and at Kwikset Locks, and he majored in computer science at Fullerton Community College. Dave worked for 16 years in a print shop and drove commercially for 8 years. His commercial driver’s license gives him the perfect background to drive the ambulances, water tenders, fire trucks, and brush rigs used by Glide Fire. He is semiretired and moved to Glide in 2017.

As a Glide newcomer, Dave was interested in becoming involved in the community. So he went to bingo night at the community center, where he met Carol Henry, the EMS Battalion Chief. When he mentioned that he was looking for an opportunity, he says, “Her eyes lit up, and she asked me if I would like to volunteer at Glide Fire and become a tender driver. I asked her what a tender was and when she told me, I said yes.” He’s learning a lot and states, “I particularly like the Monday night drills, where we learn techniques in firefighting, rescue, and medical aid, and I enjoy the camaraderie of everyone in the fire department; it truly feels like a family. I find that no two emergency calls are the same, and I experience firsthand the satisfaction and reward of helping others.”

Corin Kelly: Firefighter and Medical Student

In a relatively short time, Corin has become a valuable member of the fire department. She often volunteers for night duty, frequently goes on calls, and is a member of the Glide Fire Safety Committee. Chief Damewood says of Corin, “Her can-do attitude and willingness to jump right in are phenomenal, and we appreciate her efficient work and fun sense of humor.”

Corin is an Oregon native who graduated from McMinnville High School. She went to college in Honolulu and joined the army after 9/11, saying, “It really affected me.” She became a member of a Patriot missile launcher crew and worked for the Michigan Army National Guard in range control operations on an artillery range. Corin is a single mom with two children. She enjoys lifting weights and spending time with her kids. She moved to Glide two years ago to be closer to her parents.

She explains her motivation to become a firefighter this way, “When I was pregnant with my daughter, we had a house fire. I really felt helpless and scared. The firefighters were amazing. They made sure we were taken care of by checking on us periodically after the fire. I want to be able to help others when they need it. Becoming a firefighter has made me feel like I’m helping. I love being a member of a team and I love being challenged.” Corin is attending Umpqua Community College (UCC)  in order to become a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) for Glide Fire.

Glide Fire provides community residents with a first response to medical emergencies, fires, vehicle crashes, and rescues. The department responded to 561 calls in 2018. This is the highest annual call volume since Glide Fire was formed in 1973.

This volunteer fire department pays for all of its volunteers’ equipment, gear, and training, such as tuition for UCC EMT classes. Glide Fire has enhanced public safety by providing and installing smoke alarms, installing address signs, and offering medical and firefighter training. Its facility is used for community events, such as blood drives and classes, and Glide Fire participates in community fundraising activities.

Being a member of Glide Fire is very rewarding. The department trains volunteers to be Firefighters, Pumper Operators, and Emergency Medical Responders and Technicians; they also learn to control traffic at emergency scenes. Anyone living in the Glide area who is interested in learning more about volunteering with Glide Fire may contact Fire Chief Ted Damewood at 541-496-0224.