69 kW Solar Project
Dedication & Ribbon Cutting
Tuesday, October 1st at 11am
Glide Fire Station
18910 N. Umpqua Hwy.
Glide, Oregon


September 10, 2019 Press Release

Glide Fire Goes Solar











You may have noticed the large bank of solar panels on the roof of the Glide Fire Station. Glide Fire
is thrilled to be the recipient of one of Pacific Power’s Blue Sky 2018 funding awards. The district
was able to install a 69.125 kW system that is expected to exceed the station’s power needs during the
summer and provide up to 33% of the station’s power needs during the winter. Any power the station
doesn’t use feeds into Pacific Power’s electrical grid through a net-metering system.


Click HERE to see how much electricity is currently being generated by Glide Fire's solar panels!


No taxpayer money was used to purchase or install the solar panel and inverter system. The entire
cost of the $165,080 solar array and inverter system was paid for by the support of Pacific Power’s
Blue Sky participants and the Energy Trust of Oregon.

In addition to the grant-funded solar panels and inverters, the district invested $40,000 in a 20 kWh
battery backup system to power essential items during an extended electrical outage. This is part of
Glide Fire’s plans to provide emergency services during a catastrophic event (earthquake, wildfire,
weather, etc.) when the electrical grid is down and the station’s propane generator would run out of
fuel. This battery cost will be recouped by reduced monthly electrical bills over the next six years,
after which the cost savings can be used to fund other district expenses.

This is one of only 12 community-based renewable energy projects funded by Pacific Power’s Blue
Sky Program that will become a reality this year. Blue Sky is an opt-in program that gives Pacific
Power customers the option to match all or part of their energy use with renewable energy, reducing
their carbon footprints and driving demand for new renewable energy in the West. Since 2006, Blue
Sky has funded 120 such projects at schools, community centers, and nonprofit or small government
organizations throughout the region. The systems include solar, wind, geothermal, and other forms of
renewable energy.

“For 20 years, the Blue Sky program has offered Pacific Power customers a simple and powerful way
to live their values, reduce their carbon footprint, and support renewable energy,” says Berit Kling,
Blue Sky renewable energy program manager at Pacific Power. “Unlike most green power programs,
Blue Sky goes beyond the purchase of renewable energy credits to help fund additional smaller energy
projects for organizations in our communities. Through projects such as this, Blue Sky Block participants
are powering a better future for local communities.”

Beth Werner, business manager for Glide Fire, says, “This has been a wonderful addition to our
community’s station. We’re grateful to the Blue Sky Block participants for the funding that will allow
us to be more cost efficient and better prepared for a disaster.”

Thank you to our generous donors for making this project possible:

  • Pacific Power's Blue Sky program
  • Energy Trust of Oregon





Click here for 5-16-19 Notice of Award

- Notice of Award -

 On Wednesday May 15th, Glide Fire District’s Contract Review Board and Board of Directors held a public meeting to review Advanced Energy Systems’ proposal and make a final award decision.  


This letter notifies you of that our Solar Energy & Battery Storage Project has been awarded to Advanced Energy Systems LLC.