New Ambulance #2270 5-2018New Ambulance #2270 5-2018

May 17, 2018

New life in a new ambulance. Recently, a child was born in Glide Fire’s new addition to its fleet of rescue vehicles. This is just one happy example of the service Glide Fire provides to area residents. The purchase of this new ambulance will enable Glide firefighters and medical personnel to respond to area emergencies speedily and safely.

Due to the age and condition of the old ambulance, sometimes the crew was delayed in reaching an emergency scene or had trouble getting back to the station because the ambulance wouldn’t start or was unsafe to drive. “It was touch and go a couple of times,” said Fire Chief Ted Damewood. “And the bottom line was, eventually, having a mechanical problem with an ambulance could have cost a life or caused extreme property damage in the case of a bad fire. With this new ambulance, we no longer have those worries and will be better able to serve our community.”

In addition to its powerful 6.7-liter powerstroke diesel engine, the new 4-wheel-drive rig, designated as number 2270, sports bright LED lights inside and out, lots of room inside for crew and equipment, and bright reflective striping on the exterior for better night visibility on roadways.

The funds for 2270, which cost $152,570, were approved by the Glide Fire Board of Directors and came from Glide Fire’s Apparatus fund. Carol Henry, EMS Battalion Chief, stated, “I’d like to thank the board for voting to purchase a new ambulance so that we can safely respond to emergencies in our community. It will serve our needs for many years, and it even came in my favorite color: red.”

Glide Fire’s 25 volunteers responded to a record-setting 553 emergency calls in 2017. This included 456 medical aid calls, 43 motor vehicle accidents, 48 fires (structure, chimney, vehicle, and wildland), and 6 for other aid.

The Glide Fire District covers a 25-square-mile area and serves 1,680 homes and businesses with approximately 4,200 residents in the Whistlers Park, North Bank, Little River, and Idleyld Park areas.

Being a member of Glide Fire is very rewarding. Glide Fire trains volunteers to become Firefighters, Pumper Operators, Emergency Medical Responders, and Emergency Medical Technicians and to control traffic at emergency scenes. More volunteers are needed to respond to the ever-increasing number of calls for emergency help. Anyone living in Glide Fire’s service area who is interested in learning more about volunteering with Glide Fire may contact Fire Chief Ted Damewood at 541-496-0224.