New Insurance Ratings Went Into Effect August 1, 2016! 

Starting August 1, 2016, some property owners began to see lower property insurance rates, thanks to an improved classification of Glide Rural Fire Protection District by the Insurance Services Office (ISO)!

ISO is an organization that evaluates and rates fire districts and departments on their fire-fighting capabilities.  Some of the items ISO evaluates are:  911 dispatch center's capabilities; Fire District firefighting equipment, firefighter training hours, and number of firefighters available to respond to structure fires; and Water supply capabilities from the hydrant system and water tenders (tanker trucks).

During ISO's 2016 evaluation, the following changes were made to Glide Fire District's ratings for properties within 5 road miles of Glide Fire's Main Station or Whistler's Substation:

  • For properties within 1,000 feet of a hydrant, the ISO rating was reduced from class 5 to class 4.
  • For properties not within 1,000 feet of a hydrant but within 5 miles of a fire station, the ISO rating was reduced from class 5Y to class 5.

If your property insurance company utilizes ISO to determine premiums, these ratings are great news!  You should expect to see lower insurance rates for policies renewing after August 1, 2016. 

The people responding to Fire, Motor Vehicle, and Emergency Medical emergencies are all volunteers trained by the District to serve our community.  To maintain these improved ratings, more residents within the District will need to volunteer their time at Glide Fire!

Properties more than 5 road miles from one of our stations will remain an ISO class 10.

These ratings apply only to properties in Glide Rural Fire Protection District.  If you are unsure if your property is within our taxing district, take a look at your property tax statement from the Douglas County Assessor's Office.  Under "General Government", the statement will list "FI GLIDE".  Or if you view your property on Douglas County's Tax Assessor's Website at, Glide Rural Fire Protection District Property Tax Codes are 01203, 01207, 01211, 01214, and 01216.

Are you paying too much for insurance?

In September of 2013, Glide Fire completed construction of a new substation at the corner of Hwy. 138 and Glide Transfer Site Road.  The station is currently home to one class A engine and a 3,800 gallon water tender.  If you live on South Bank Road, Whistlers Park Road, the west end of Whistlers Lane, or west of the Sub Station (including Singleton Road), you may want to check with your insurance carrier.  Prior to the opening of the new substation, these areas were classified as an ISO Class 10 for fire insurance.  With the new substation, these areas should be a lower ISO classification.  If your insurance agent needs more information, please have them contact Glide Fire.