Glide Rural Fire Protection District

The Glide Rural Fire Protection District is an all-volunteer fire district located in central Douglas County, Oregon in the unincorporated town of Glide.  Our fire district boundary encompasses an area over 27 square miles in size; however, when needed, we can respond to calls for help over a 50 square mile area!  The district has 22 volunteers who respond to medical emergencies, structure fires, wildland fires, motor vehicle accidents, hazardous materials spills, and public assists.  We invite you to visit this website to learn more about Glide Fire!


Our Mission

Serving people, and protecting property and the environment

of the North Umpqua

Property Taxes

The Glide Rural Fire Protection District is a government agency supported by property taxes paid by our District's property owners. 

The District's permanent tax rate is $1.0708 per $1,000 of a property's assessed tax value.   From the $320,398 regular taxes collected in 2015/2016, we were able to meet our daily operating expenses, plus transfer $84,700 into the following special funds to pay for future large purchases or major repairs:  $61,700 into our Apparatus Fund, $13,000 into our Building Fund, and $10,000 into our Equipment Fund.

In addition, in November 2013 we began collecting taxes to repay our 25 year, $2.5 million bond.  These bond funds, along with $84,750 from brick-by-brick donations from community members, were used toward design and construction of our District's new Main Station and new Whistler's Substation.  Annual Principal and Interest payments on this bond are approximately $156,000.  For 2015/2016, $0.52 per $1,000 of a property's assessed tax value was collected to make this payment.