Public Land Use and Fire Restrictions

As of June 19, 2017

Fire Season Has Begun!

The 2017 Wildfire Season began Monday, June 19th. 

  • Burn Permits for backyard debris piles are now required.  Call DFPA at 541-672-6507 to request a permit and schedule an inspection.  When burning yard debris, be sure to have an adequate fire trail around the pile or incinerator, have a charged hose line within reach, and never leave the burn unattended.  Should a fire escape, the property owner may be financially responsible for damages and fire suppression costs.
  • IF fire conditions allow, burn permits may be issued until July 1st.
  • The burning of large machine piles or in burn barrels is not allowed, and no permits will be issued.
  • Small campfires are still allowed without a permit on private property with landowner permission, and on BLM land without a permit.  Campfires will be restricted as wildfire season progresses.  Ensure your campfire is completely extinguished.
  • There are currently no power equipment restrictions.
  • The use of exploding targets and tracer ammunition is prohibited on or within 1/8 mile of DFPA protected land.
  • Skylanterns are not allowed in Oregon during any time of the year.


2016 Wildfire Statistics:

  • The 2016 fire season began on June 8th and lasted 120 days. 
  • Firefighters suppressed 75 fires which burned 120 acres on the Douglas District, with the largest fire of the year being the Highway 138 West fire on September 13th that burned 62 acres. 
  • Lightning sparked 1 fire which accounted for 1/10 acre, whereas 74 human caused fires burned the bulk of last summer’s acreage.

For more information about public or industrial fire restrictions during Fire Season, visit or call DFPA’s 24 hour information line at 541-672-0379.

It is always illegal to burn plastic, tires, garbage, and most other waste products not from a tree or shrub.