Updated 7/5/18


No Campfires, Charcoal Fires, Debris Burning or Burn Barrel Burning on private or public property except in designated campgrounds listed below.

During EXTREME Fire Danger, the following are prohibited:  Use of non-industrial powersaws, cutting or mowing of dry grass, cutting/grinding/welding of metal, use of power-driven machinery, use of fireworks, use of exploding targets and tracer ammunition, and smoking outside vehicles while traveling on forestlands.  Click below for complete list.

See Attached Public Use Restrictions (for restrictions on mowing dry grass, chain saw use, etc.)

The Douglas Forest Protective Association (DFPA) began the 2018 fire season on June 8th for all private, county, state, Bureau of Land Management and Bureau of Indian Affairs lands protected by DFPA.  The declaration of fire season imposes certain fire restrictions on both the general public and industrial operators to help prevent wildfires.  These restrictions apply to all properties within Glide Fire District.

As fire season progresses, additional public and industrial fire restrictions may be imposed as fire conditions become more severe. 

For more information about public or industrial fire restrictions on lands protected by DFPA, call DFPA’s Closure Information Line at 672-0379, or visit www.dfpa.net.  An interactive map with state wide fire restrictions can also be viewed online at https://gisapps.odf.oregon.gov/firerestrictions/PFR.html


Campfire Information

Beginning July 1st, campfires, charcoal fires, and warming fires are only allowed in established campfire rings within the following designated campgrounds in Douglas County:

Bureau of Land Management

Cavitt Creek, Eagle View, Lone Pine, Millpond, Rock Creek, Susan Creek, Tyee, and Scaredman


Douglas County Parks

Amacher Park, Douglas County Fairgrounds, Pass Creek, Stanton Park, Chief Miwaleta, and Whistler's Bend.


Private Parks

Seven Feathers RV Resort (Canyonville)

Umpqua Riverfront RV Park & Boat Ramp (Hwy. 138 West of Sutherlin)


2017 Wildfire Statistics:

  • The 2017 fire season began on June 8th and ended October 12th.  DFPA responded to 100 fires that burned 16,903 acres in total.  
  • Umpqua  North  Complex,  August  11:  

    The Umpqua North Complex Fires were a group of lightning caused fires that originated on the Umpqua National Forest east of Glide.  Several fires inside the complex either threatened or burned onto private holdings that are protected by DFPA.  An Incident Management Team from Alaska was assigned to manage the complex of fires for the Umpqua National Forest.  DFPA was in unified command with the Umpqua National Forest and the Alaskan Incident Management Team while DFPA protected land was threatened.  The Umpqua North Complex burned 316 acres of land protected by DFPA (Fall Creek Fire:  57 acres, Happy Dog Fire:  259 acres).


2016 Wildfire Statistics:

  • The 2016 fire season began on June 8th and lasted 120 days. 
  • Firefighters suppressed 75 fires which burned 120 acres on the Douglas District, with the largest fire of the year being the Highway 138 West fire on September 13th that burned 62 acres. 
  • Lightning sparked 1 fire which accounted for 1/10 acre, whereas 74 human caused fires burned the bulk of last summer’s acreage.