Public Land Use and Fire Restrictions

As of October 5, 2016

Fire Season Ends!

The Douglas Forest Protective Association officially ended fire season on Wednesday, October 5th at 9 am.  The end of fire season is the result of rainfall and cooler temperatures returning to the Umpqua Valley.

With the end of fire season:

  • Industrial Fire Restrictions and Public Use Restrictions on DFPA protected land will no longer be in effect. 
  • Backyard debris burning outside of incorporated cities will be allowed without a permit from DFPA, however residents should contact their local fire department before conducting any burning as fire restrictions vary between local fire districts.
  • Glide Fire District has no additional fire restrictions or notification requirements.

Fire officials advise residents to exercise caution when burning or using fire in the woods. This time of year, several days of sunshine and dry weather can create a fire risk even if a week or more of rainy, cool conditions precedes them.

  • When burning yard debris, make sure to have an adequate fire trail around the pile or incinerator, have a charged hose line within reach, and never leave the burn unattended.  Should a fire escape, the property owner may be financially responsible for damages and fire suppression costs.

The only type of burning requiring a permit is for logging slash and heavy debris disposal burning.  Any type of commercial tree harvesting that requires excess debris to be burned constitutes logging slash and therefore requires a permit to burn.  To request a permit for slash burning, call DFPA at 541-672-6507.

The 2016 fire season began on June 8th and lasted 120 days. 

  • Firefighters suppressed 75 fires which burned 120 acre on the Douglas District, with the largest fire of the year being the Highway 138 West fire on September 13th that burned 62 acres. 
  • Lightning sparked 1 fires which accounted for 1/10 acre, whereas 74 human caused fires burned the bulk of this summer’s acreage

The staff from the Douglas Forest Protective Association and Glide Rural Fire Protection District thank everyone for their cooperation during the 2016 fire season.

For more information about public or industrial fire restrictions during Fire Season, visit or call DFPA’s 24 hour information line at 541-672-0379.

It is always illegal to burn plastic, tires, garbage, and most other waste products not from a tree or shrub.